Our Mission

Since our beginning in 1993, we’ve been committed to meeting needs in our community, especially among the most vulnerable. California is the epicenter of homelessness in our country, and many of the families affected by this are headed by single women. For two-plus decades, Elizabeth House has been the only Residential Program in the entire San Gabriel valley that embraces pregnant mothers and their children (up to five years old). We see our role essential to standing in the gap for these families to create a new future.

Our mission is to empower pregnant and parenting women in need to reclaim their lives and build successful family legacies. We take a trauma-informed approach and address physical, emotional, spiritual, and economic needs in both women and their children. Often, we truly become family to these women who previously had no place to belong. Without exception, the women and children who seek shelter in our home do so because of extremely complicated circumstances involving domestic violence, substance abuse, generational family dysfunction, foster care, and more that can’t be solved quickly or easily. We understand the devastating impact of trauma, yet at the same time, we believe in the power of Christ to change and transform any life. For this reason, we provide holistic support, taking the time necessary to get to the root causes in order to build afresh.

We are in it “as long it takes” with the women and children in our program and create a personalized experience and plan for each one. Out Alumni Services program allows us to provide this kind of support for families. And we’re connected and involved not only when they need help, but for the rest of their lives. Elizabeth House is committed to life-long service to all our women and children. Year after year, we are proud of how much change and growth continues to take place in their lives.


What Our Clients Say

“For me Elizabeth House has been rewarding. I have learned a lot, such as managing my money. The staff is like family to me and I love them all. Being at EH has motivated me to help others in need and to get my degree in social work.”

— Elizabeth House Alumni


What We Do

We can accommodate up to eight young families at a time in our Residential Program. Residential clients stay through the duration of their pregnancies and for up to four months after their babies are born, living in a supportive, homelike setting, and receiving a full range of care. This includes case management, intensive professional counseling, access to healthcare, parent education, job training, mother-to-mother mentoring, scholarship support, baby supplies, and more.

We also serve the alumni women and children who have gone through our program and provide ongoing training, support, and services on a regular basis. To read more about our programs, visit our Programs page.

We strive to meet the following outcomes through our programs:

  • Improve children’s and mother’s health

  • Facilitate healthy early childhood development

  • Support mother’s mental health

  • Empower mothers for self-sufficiency

  • Create lasting connections to healthy and resourced community