Learned a lot About Myself

The following is a Facebook post by one of our Alumni.

So I'm minutes away from officially turning 30 years old. My last thoughts of my 20's:

So glad I got over my 20's.

So glad I didn't have to stay in my 20's forever. God knows a few of those 20's I was a complete disaster.

Learned a lot about myself. Unfortunately it was the hard way because I'm stubborn about my misfortune. Lol.

Best thing about my 20's was becoming a mom of a super cute little boy. Magaly Sanchez, gracias (kisses). Por los tamales tía que ayudaron a complacer los antojos de mi joejoemania. Oh yeah, can't ever leave out or forget having my grandma around—to enjoy best little woman ever. Super blessed to have such an amazing grandma. Definitely better than winning the lottery.

Worst thing about my 20's was the men that came into my life. Lesson learned, though, so not in vain. Lol.

People to thank for getting me through my 20's include my family of course. My madre, Susana Sanchez, sister Ivonne Aguilar, other sister from another mister Magalli Padilla. Lol. Alexander Aguilar, best little brother—ever brat child, or not. Still love the bejeezus out of him—my little chonchy's.

Friends like Jade Pittman who is a super inspiring one of a kind—for sure, hands-down. Shy Johnson for being super amazing and sweet to this young mess that is me. Pat Aldaco for always being willing to listen to every crazy soap opera like episode that is my drama-filled life LOL—real trooper this one. Rebecca Chavez for never letting me wonder away from the path of God. Susan Kaiser, not just for giving me and JoeJack rides in her big blue truck (my son is in love. Lol), but for also becoming my sponsor when I needed someone the most. Christina Smith for being my crazy partner in crime when I needed churros, ice cream, marathons of movies and ty shows. She was always down. Naomi Marisela Gonzalez for being an awesome first roommate when I was scared of my new place. Nancy Marderosian for being there for me and JoeJack when I needed someone to be there in the most special time of my life. Will never have enough ways to thank her. The wonderful people at Elizabeth House. Alumni for giving me hope in humanity again when I was convinced there are no good people in the world—they showed me otherwise. Sylvia Tyberg, super amazing woman who doesn't even know how special and valuable she really is. Everyone from my church—best church family anyone could ever ask for.

If I left someone out, please forgive me. You know I think you’re awesome in your own way. Plus knowing me (and knowing that the responsible thing to do is blame the fact that it’s late at night), hopefully you let it slide. Lol. If not, by the time you read this, it will be my birthday and you can't be mad or yell at me on my birthday because that's not nice.

On my to-do list for my 30's: 
1. Be baptized
2. Walk a better, fuller Christian life
3. Be a good mom to my son
4. Be a better me each day
5. Value each day the Lord gives me
6. Get my life together

I might have more but I'm running out of time to make it before I'm 30. Lol.

My Foundation

The following is a letter from one of our alumni... 

July 17, 2017

I can't explain the love and gratitude in words that I have for Elizabeth House. I came to Elizabeth House a very confused and broken young woman with a long history of abuse and domestic violence in my past and when I stepped through Elizabeth house doors I felt I was home. It was the first time in my life where I felt that I was welcomed, accepted and cared for like never before. Elizabeth House changed every aspect of my life in so many ways. When I came to Elizabeth house I had no intention on reconnecting my relationship with the Lord but Elizabeth House and staff insisted that I give my Heart to God one more time and see how it works out with a strong foundation around me.

I stayed at Elizabeth house for almost a year and I put the staff through a fair share of write-ups, drama, court cases, domestic violence history and so many more problems that I don't have time to write but the staff never gave up on me. They continued to hold my hand and nurture my journey with the Lord. I can never repay Elizabeth House enough for bringing me out of the miry clay and setting my feet on the strong cement foundation where now I have built my life.

My daughter is now two years old and I would never imagine me being the mother and woman I am today without Elizabeth House helping to guide me in every way possible, or helping me to be an amazing God-fearing woman and a great mother to my daughter. Coming from being told you'll never be anything to being told you're everything was the difference that Elizabeth House gave me to change my life.

I also have a long history of drug abuse and the Elizabeth House helped me get clean by classes and drug testing and I still remain clean three years later, though that's not to say that I'm perfect or had the perfect recovery because everyday is a constant struggle. The foundation I built with Elizabeth House has helped me to stay clean. Every time I feel sad, depressed, upset, angry or just happy, I know I can always call Elizabeth House and have someone to share what I'm going through with.

Elizabeth House is my forever family and will always be. Anytime I need prayer, assistance or help with anything, Elizabeth House is always there for me and I cannot thank God enough for bringing me to this program over 2 years ago. Elizabeth House still, to this day, helps me with everything I ask and is always there to offer me prayer, guidance and hope for the future to continue moving in a healthy, happy and drug free lifestyle.

Honestly, when I was there I used to think the classes were dull and a waste of time but now I'm actually catching myself utilizing some of the skills that I learned. Give Elizabeth house enough time and they can fix any broken soul.

EH Alumni 

2014 Adopt-a-Family & Alumni Christmas Party

The 2014 Adopt-a-Family program culminated at the Annual Alumni Christmas Party, which took place at Pasadena Covenant Church on December 6th. We hosted our Annual Alumni Christmas Party for Elizabeth House alumni and their children, current residents, and community partners. It was a day of celebration and reunion for over 300 residents in attendance. We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to our volunteers who helped with set-up and clean up, Chef Jason Francisco at Maranatha High School for preparing the food, all of your who baked and brought over 100 dozen cookies, and the individuals, families, and groups that participated in the Adopt-a-Family program (more than 70 families were adopted this year!). It was a truly special event. 

Thank you to all of the sponsoring families and alumni that participated in this special event! If you would like more information on how to be involved with next year's Adopt-a-Family program, contact Kali in the Elizabeth House office: (626) 577-4434.