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Our Mission

Elizabeth House was founded in 1994 to address an unmet community need: shelter and services for pregnant women experiencing homelessness and their vulnerable children. When women walk through our doors for the first time, they become family, and we do our best to empower them to break the cycles of homelessness and meet their potential.

Through shelter and lifelong support, Elizabeth House empowers pregnant and parenting women in need to reclaim their lives and build successful family legacies.

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Our Programs

We believe that every child deserves to be born into safety and that at-risk women can change their lives when they have a community that is willing to work together to meet their needs. At Elizabeth House, we create that community and invite the women we serve to become life-long family. With support, vulnerable mothers can create a life of safety and love for their children and become the best they can be.


Our Method

Leading the way in our community through the love of Christ, Elizabeth House provides a residential program and life-long personalized care for pregnant and parenting women and their children. This is done through a holistic program that addresses physical, emotional, spiritual, and economic needs.



years in existence

This upcoming year will be our 25th anniversary as an organization. It has been a joy to serve alongside our staff, volunteers, and partners!



women served

Our flagship residential program has capacity for 15-20 women and children per year and we serve an average of 175 alumni each year.



children born into safety

The children who have called Elizabeth House home are over 465, and we treasure the babies born in our care.


October 2017

“I came to Elizabeth House a very confused and broken young woman with a long history of abuse and domestic violence in my past and when I stepped through Elizabeth house doors I felt I was home. It was the first time in my life where I felt that I was welcomed, accepted and cared for like never before.”



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