Volunteer Now

We are so grateful for the hundreds of volunteers who make our mission at Elizabeth House possible. Our goal is to facilitate the best volunteer experience for each volunteer through intentional placement, comprehensive training, and a community group model.

Next steps to get involved:

  1. Apply online

  2. Tour the home and interview with our Volunteer Coordinator

  3. Create a profile on our new volunteer database, Galaxy Connect

  4. Browse opportunities

  5. Get a TB test and Live Scan (if working directly with clients)

  6. Attend a training

  7. Sign up for opportunities online

  8. Start volunteering!


Community events

Our Community Events Program serves as a bridge between our organization and the community we serve. Through the myriad of events we host, our goal is always to invite others to join our mission to care for pregnant women and children experiencing homelessness. Hospitality is a central value for Elizabeth House and we strive to create a sense of home at every event we create. Would you join us in introducing our organization to your community of family and friends? 

This program includes a variety of roles to make both our fundraising and volunteer events possible. Team members will assist staff in aspects of the event planning process and execution including day-of support, set-up, tear down, and engagement with event attendees. We are looking for individuals passionate about joining us in sharing EH with others!

resident & Alumni Care

The Resident and Alumni Care Program is the heart of what we do at Elizabeth House. We provide individual, personalized, and intimate care to every woman who enters our program throughout her stay with us and beyond. Our volunteers play an important role in the lives of our residents and alumni members through many seasons of life. It is our hope to introduce each woman to our amazing community and support system through this program. Would you consider volunteering your time to invest the lives of our women? 

This program encompasses all volunteer opportunities pertaining to residents and our alumni, as well as their children. Opportunities include transportation, childcare, meal prep, house maintenance, organizing donations, office support, extracurricular activities, Alumni events, and more. 



Education & Enrichment

We strive to provide our residents and alumni with the best education and resources possible and also strive to connect them with valuable members of the community. To do this, we offer weekly classes to residents and workshops to both residents and alumni members. Our goal is to facilitate an opportunity for our skilled community members to interface with the women we serve in order to provide support and guidance. 

The Education Programs team will teach classes, offer one-on-one support, provide enrichment opportunities and more. Classes and workshop topics range and must be approved by our Director of Programs, though current and previous topics include child-parent bonding, trauma informed care, financial planning, and more. If you'd like to inquire about a new opportunity, please contact our Director individually. 


At Elizabeth House we do our best to connect our residents and alumni to other women in the community. Relationships between mentors and mentees differ, although the goal is the same: that each woman be supported and loved. Oftentimes residents need one-on-one encouragement and attention beyond our staff - a safe person to talk with, listen to, and be led by in some way. The investment of our mentors shapes each woman's experience and future journey in ways we may not even know!

All mentors are subject to approval and training provided by our Director of Programs. Though the time commitment may vary, mentors are expected to attend quarterly meetings and workshops and meet one-on-one with their mentee regularly. Frequency of meetings and support given is determined by mentors and mentees, although both will be supported by our programs staff.