This 2017, Elizabeth House begins a new Tradition of honoring Women of Inspiration in our program and communities. Part of the core of the mission of Elizabeth House is to provide HOPE to homeless, pregnant women and their children. For this reason, Elizabeth House decided to launch this new tradition by highlighting women whose lives exemplify HOPE.

Each of us knows a woman who has significantly touched and changed us. For some, this woman is highly recognized within the community; for others, this woman has quietly given and goes unseen. Our lives would not be the same if we did not know her. She has provided a unique gift that inspires us to become the best of who we can be. Her investment helps us see our strengths and abilities. Her influence brings light to our dark places in times of need. She is a woman worthy of celebration. She is a Woman of Inspiration.       

This fall, Elizabeth House invites you to honor your Woman of Inspiration through the unique opportunity of submitting her as a 2017 Tea Honoree. As this year’s theme is "Creating a Legacy of HOPE," we are excited to celebrate the women who have brought hope to our lives.

How Your Woman of Inspiration
will be Honored

Each Woman of Inspiration will receive a complimentary invitation from Elizabeth House announcing that she is being honored. 

At the Tea, she will be acknowledged through program items, and by a special display--a personalized synopsis of how she is a Woman of Inspiration (Picture & written content to be submitted by you. Can be a story, letter, or other writing).

After the Tea, your Honoree will be highlighted on the Elizabeth House website as a 2017 Woman of Inspiration.

How to Submit a Woman of Inspiration Honoree (For payment, please click here, or scroll to the bottom of this page.)

• Honoree Sponsorship: $150 per Honoree
• Submit online:
• Submit over the phone: Dannielle Carr (626) 577-4434
• Request a Submission Form:
• Text LEGACYTEA to 41444, then click on the link in the return message. You will be directed to the payment form.


This Year's Ladies Tea Celebrates
the Legacy of Hope continuously poured into the lives of women and children at Elizabeth House and the women who embody that very Hope in your lives--women who have become your Elizabeth House, and who have left a Legacy of Hope for you to pass on to others.

"I stayed at Elizabeth House for almost a year and I put the staff through a fair share of write-ups, drama, court cases, domestic violence history and so many problems that I don't have time to write, but the staff never gave up on me...My daughter is now two years old and I would never have imagined me being the mother and woman I am today without Elizabeth House guiding me in every way possible." -EH Alumna


Tickets and Honoree Sponsorships