Homeless, pregnant mothers and their children come to Elizabeth House to rebuild their lives. The shelter, prenatal care, therapeutic help and support we provide gives them the tools, and the hope, to transform their lives. 

Our new residence and alumni center

COMPASSION: A vision for caring relationships between children and mothers
CONNECTION: A vision to keep families healthy and intact
CAPABLE: A vision for self-sufficiency and stability
CONVENIENCE: A vision for holistic services under one roof
COMMUNITY: Your gift will ensure this vision becomes a reality

The demand for our unique and holistic services has been far greater than our existing space could accommodate. That is why when presented with the opportunity to purchase a second residence, we knew we needed to act! With a private loan from an individual donor, Elizabeth House was able to purchase a second location in October 2015. This second residence significantly increased the number of shelter rooms as well as provided much needed meeting space for education and therapy classes and other events. 

Our Obstacles
Now that the space has been secured, it is critical to maximize its potential by expanding the offering of classes and programs that are foundational in meeting the needs of our growing client population and alumni; by developing essential sections of the property to create therapeutic and engaging community spaces; and by raising funding to retire this obligation by the end of 2017.

Our Plan
We plan to increase our current mental health services by adding therapeutic, education and other service staff, as well as build out our existing yet underutilized spaces, to provide high quality services to the increasing number of pregnant mothers and children who come to Elizabeth House.*

To fund these plans, Elizabeth House plans to eliminate the loan payment for its newest residence, which provides both shelter and space for services for the mothers and children in its care. The additional cash flow liberated from these loan payments will be allocated towards improvements, built outs and maintenance of the residential property to ensure the location is being fully utilized and is operating at maximum capacity. The additional capital will also be used for program and service expansion efforts, which will increase current current individual and group counseling services by more than 50% and ensure the long-term care to help mothers and children not only get on their feet but stay on their feet.

Our Costs
We estimate the total cost of this project will be $1,200,000.

  • $720,000 for loan repayment
  • $280,000 for program expansion
  • $200,000 for residential property renovations, built outs and maintenance

How You Can Help
We invite you to ensure the success and futures of the mothers and children in Elizabeth House programs. Join us in providing the services, opportunities and hope that are critical for them to have even the possibility of a stable and self-sustaining future. You can make gifts of cash or pledge your gift over as many as two years.

We are pleased to offer naming opportunities for this project. All gifts of $5000 or more will be acknowledged.*

Why Focus on Women who are Pregnant and Homeless? 
Recent estimates indicate that 23% of the homeless population is composed of families with children and that most homeless families are headed by young women. Women who experience homelessness often have increased rates of pregnancy and few life chances. A shortage of affordable housing, an increase in poverty and substantial changes in welfare policies have put many single, female-headed families one financial emergency away from homelessness.

Results that Matter
Over the past 20 years, we have see the following results for the women who lived in our shelters and participated in out programs:

  • 71% reduction in domestic violence
  • 76% reduction in drug abuse
  • 100% increase in enrollment in food assistance programs for mothers and their children
  • 350% increase in mothers who have enrolled in medical insurance programs, providing critical access to healthcare for them and their families

The most compelling evidence of the impact of Elizabeth House's work is this: of the over 300 women served by Elizabeth House, less than 4% ever experience homelessness again.

Thank you for considering how you can personally, or through your organization, contribute to our Capital Campaign: Building Lives, Creating Hope. Without your help, the vital work of Elizabeth House could never be realized or sustained.

*Please contact Founder and Executive Director, Debbie Unruh, at (626) 577-4434 or debbieu@elizabethhouse.net to discuss the vision, plan and impact of Elizabeth House in more detail.