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Elizabeth House provides a singularly unique program. We not only meet the needs of homeless, pregnant women and children, we commit to walk alongside them for the rest of their lives.

Raising a family can be hard. How much more when one is building their life out of an experience of homelessness? At Elizabeth House, 40% of our women were once children raised in homeless or foster care. 70% have been victims of sexual and domestic violence. It takes more than shelter services to break the cycle; it takes more than short-term care for families to heal.

Alumni Services provides a life-long community of support and comprehensive resources. We care for our alumni community through ongoing mental health services, parenting classes, career and personal development, education scholarships, emergency support, and more. We understand that, though the journey is not always easy, it is possible and even wonderful when we do it together. It is for this reason that Elizabeth House is more than a “shelter”; we are a forever family where no one has to go the journey alone.

Over the last 23 years, how our family has grown!  With ongoing support to 79% of our Alumni (1,079 served since 1994), Elizabeth House has outgrown our first Shelter home. In order to continue providing services, we are on a journey to “found” our second home! At the end of 2015, a new location was purchased, and we are now in the midst of a Capital Campaign to pay off the loan. This second location, the Alumni Center, will allow us to 1) establish a permanent service site for our ever-increasing alumni families, 2) increase the number of families for whom we can provide shelter, and 3) begin a new Community Wellness program through which we will extend our services to at-risk pregnant women who do not need shelter but do need help (e.g. health care linkages, pre-/post-natal care, counseling, parenting classes, professional development, mentorship, counseling, etc.).

By July 1, 2018, Elizabeth House must raise $1.2 million to found the Alumni Center. Will you be a part of building this legacy? Will you join us in founding this new home?

We invite you to join the community of founders through a one-time Capital Gift. For those inspired to found a specific room or service, below are unique naming opportunities that will be displayed in their respective area at the Alumni Center. For those who want to join the “Founders Circle” through a gift of $2,500 and above, below is a sample “Giving Tree” sculpture, whose leaves will display Founders Circle names, in the Alumni Center living room.

Thank you, in advance, for your investment. Thank you for helping create a legacy that will change the lives of generations to come. It is your contributions that will ensure the success of our families. It is your donations that will ensure our alumni will never have to journey alone. Together we will build lives. Together we create hope.

To read about our outcomes, click here. You may also click here for a downloadable copy of our presentation.

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We invite you to help us found
the NEW Alumni Center. 

With the recent purchase of our Alumni Center, your gift to our Capital Campaign,  "Building Lives, Creating Hope," will provide a legacy of life-long services and support.

Alumni Center Cost:

  • $720,000 Loan Repayment to Donor
  • $280,000 Program Expansion
  • $200,000 Property Renovations & Maintenance

Thank you for considering how you can personally, or through your organization, contribute to our Capital Campaign: Building Lives, Creating Hope. Without your help, the vital work of Elizabeth House could never be realized or sustained.

If you would like to take a tour of the Alumni Center, we would love to host you! Simply give us a call or send an email. Please contact Founder and Executive Director, Debbie Unruh or Director of Development, Tiffany Goodwin-Van Camp at (626) 577-4434. You may also send an email to debbieu@elizabethhouse.net or tiffanyg@elizabethhouse.net to discuss the vision, plan and impact of Elizabeth House in more detail. 

Thank you for your consideration of continued support. All that you have given has brought opportunity to alumni families who have built new lives and are doing so well. All that you give will create hope for future families in need, families that will someday find they, too, have a home at Elizabeth House.